Let us fix your device.

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with electronics. Even if you don't know exactly what is going on we can help by diagnosing the problem. We offer many repairs and services. Below are some of our most common.

*Timeframes shown below are estimates and vary upon device, extent of damage, and part availability. Ask us for more details.
iPhone 12 Pro in pacific blue.

Broken Screen


Did you drop your phone and accidentally run it over with your car? You'd be surprised what we have fixed!

Frame Damage


From data management and network security to email setup and computer maintenance, we are ready to help.

Liquid Damage


Spilled coffee on your laptop or water on your phone? Don't put it in rice! Bring it to us ASAP and we will do what we can to revive it!

Port Damage


We offer port replacements for many devices. From loose charging ports to broken HDMI ports we can fix it.

Thermal Issues


Phone, console or computer running hot? We offer tuneup and cleaning services to help get your device running smoothly.

Poor Battery Life


Batteries deteriorate over time and  effect the longevity of a charge as well as performance. Most Li-Ion batteries last for about 2-5 years depending on the device.

Performance Issues

1-2 Days

If your system is running slow (or even not at all) then we pop the hood and take a look. We offer many hardware and software fixes design to tackle a host of performance related issues.

Viruses & Malware

1-2 Days

Got malware? Let us take care of it for you. We can safely remove threats from your system quickly so you can get back in business.

Data Recovery

2-7 Days

If you lost data then we can help. Bring in your device for a Free Diagnostic and we can see if we can recover it.

Technician checking current on a motherboard.

Optimizations & Upgrades

Just like any machine, your computer requires routine maintenance from time to time in order to run efficiently. We can help with that. From software optimizations, virus and malware removal to hardware upgrades. We can help you get the most use and performance out of your computer.

Looking for a new PC? We can tailor a custom-solution with high quality components to suit your needs.

System Tuneup

Starting at $150

By performing a system tuneup we can help you increase performance, reclaim storage space, remove threats and reduce system overhead. This service includes a physical cleaning, general diagnostic and various software optimizations.

Threat Removal

Starting at $100

Viruses, Malware and other malicious software can make your computer run slow or even crash. They also can steal your information. We specialize in sterilizing your computer through our 4-stage disinfecting process which ensures we catch as much as possible.

Storage Upgrade

Starting at $125

We offer both HDD, SSD & NVMe storage options for many different systems. Get more out of your computer or game console by upgrading to a new hard drive. We can even transfer your data from yournold drive to your new one for you.

Memory Upgrade

Starting at $50

More RAM is never a bad thing. By increasing the available memory on your computer you can enhance its multitasking capabilities and performance.

Cooling Upgrade

Starting at $50

Most prebuilt computers come with only the bare-minimum in cooling options. Depending on your system, we can offer several air or liquid cooling options to enhance thermal efficiency.

Custom PC Build

New systems Starting at $750

We also offer PC customization. From the ground up, we can tailor a new AMD or Intel system with Windows 10 or Windows 11 to your needs. Click HERE to request a quote.


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